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Solar 100-1 Complete Solarstoragesystem 100W

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The solar storage system, which has been completely prepared for connection, can be used in any position thanks to the 2x 230V sockets of the 1000W voltage transformer. The solar modules have tempered glass and a reinforced frame for high stability and durability. These come standard with IEC certification and monocrystalline high-performance quality solar cells. This gives you even higher efficiency! With the included 100Ah solar battery, you can have your electricity at night or when the sun is not shining. All components are delivered completely ready for connection, so that a simple wiring in the included carrying box is possible.

Technical Data:

  • 100W Panel monokristalline Hanover Solar GmbH (TÜV/IEC/CE) 120x55x3,5cm or with polykristalline (TÜV/IEC/CE) 119,5x54,5x3cm
  • 100Ah (C100) Solarbattery for using Televison max. 15h  (IEC/EN)
  • 1000W Converter with two 220V Sockets
       For Devices with max. 1000W Power (CE/RoHS/ISO9001:2000)
  • Charge Controller 20A (for max. two 100W Modules) (CE/ISO9001)
  • Solarconnectioncable 2x 5m with pluggable MC4 Connectors with TÜV
  • Batteryconnectioncable with integrated Fuse
  • Battery-Safety
  • Carrybox
  • Manual
  • incl. Connection Manual!


  • Invoice incl. VAT
  • 1. Package Akku 31x23x21cm 19kg
    2. Package System 60x40x40cm 7kg
    3. Package Solarmodul 122x57x5 cm 9kg

You are able to upgrade your System with one additional Solar Panel !

You can choose a LCD Display Charge Controller as well.

A suitable support structure you can find on the following Link:

Aufständerung Solarmodul 5W - 100W verstellbarer Modulträger Halterung Dach Befestigung

You have 400Wh Daily Power per Day during Summer. (Germany)

You have 80Wh Daily Power per Day during Winter. (Germany)

You are able to transport your System where ever you want with the suitable Carry Box which is included in the package.



Product Note Status Price
Mounting solar module 5W - 100W infinitely adjustable ModultragAufr mounting roof attachment Mounting solar module 5W - 100W infinitely adjustable ModultragAufr mounting roof attachment
39.30 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Intelligent professional battery charger 12V Intelligent professional battery charger 12V
9.79 € *
Delivery weight: 535 g
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