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Hybrid - Converter 5000W 220V / 48V Effekta MPPT

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Hybrid inverter EFFEKTA AX series


Automatic network switching if there is no solar energy available or the batteries are discharged
Parallel operation of several inverters possible
3-phase operation possible
pure sine wave output
Built-in solar charge controller (MPPT or PWM)
Configurable via LCD display or PC software
Automatic restart on power return
Overload / over temperature / short circuit protection
Island operation possible
Optimized charging process ("smart charger design")
24 months warranty
Solar power, AC power supply, 48 VDC

The inverter has 4x connections
1. Photovoltaic module input
2. Battery input
3. Mains output to which the consumers connected by the solar system are connected
4. Network input to which the network is connected as a source of supply

The AX series is a multi-function inverter / PV charger with the combined functions of an inverter and solar and battery charger.
These inverters are suitable for off-grid isolated operation with PV modules, but can also be powered by batteries, generators or the public power grid. In case of insufficient power supply from the PV modules
automatically supplements the device with battery power or switches to the power supply network when the batteries are empty. Three AX inverters in combination can be configured for three-phase operation.

Technical specifications:
Operating temperature range 0 ° C to 50 ° C
Storage temperature range -15 ° C to 60 ° C
Relative humidity <95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 355 x 272 x 128 479 x 295 x 140 540 x 295 x 140
Weight [Kg] 7.4 7.6 8.0 11.5 12.5 13.5
Degree of protection IP 20
Tests / standards
Safety EN 60950-1
EMC EN 55022 class A, EN 55024
Tests CE

AC input AC input waveform sinusoidal (grid and generator)
AC input voltage 230 VAC
AC input voltage range 90 - 280 VAC when setting household appliances
170 - 280 VAC with computer setting (UPS)
Max. AC input voltage 300 VAC
AC input frequency 50/60 Hz (automatic detection)
AC input frequency range 40-65 Hz
Efficiency Mains operation> 95% (fully charged at rated load and battery bank)
Switchover time typically 20 ms when household appliances are set
typical 10 ms with computer setting (UPS)
Output output voltage 230 VAC ± 5%
Output frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, adjustable
active power
5 kVA / 4.0 k
Max. Efficiency (inverter) 90%
Overload protection (behavior) 5 s at> 150% load, 10 s at 110-150% load
Max. Peak load 2x rated load for 5 s
Short circuit protection Output Miniature circuit breaker in mains operation
Electronic fuse in inverter mode
Self-consumption Schlummerbetrieb (STANDBY): 2 W
Energy saving operation <15 W
Normal operation (without load): <50W
Battery bank &
loading units
Nominal voltage 48 VDC
Cold start voltage 46.0 VDC
Voltage accuracy ± 0.3%
Loading algorithm 3 stages (I U o U)

Charging power M: 4000 W
Efficiency 98%
Nominal system voltage VDC 48
Effective operating range MPPT 60 - 115 VDC
Max. Input voltage 145 VDC
Min. Battery bank voltage for PV operation 34 VDC
PV input accuracy ± 2V

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