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Solar 500-12 Complete Solarstoragesystem 500 Watt

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Complete 560W 220V solar storage system

The solar storage system, which has been completely prepared for connection, can be used in any position thanks to the 2x 230V sockets of the 1000W voltage transformer. The solar modules have tempered glass and a reinforced frame for high stability and durability. These come standard with TÜV certification and polycrystalline high-performance quality solar cells. This gives you even higher efficiency! With the included 280Ah solar battery, you can have your electricity at night or when the sun is just not shining. All components are delivered completely ready for connection, so that a simple wiring in the included carrying box is possible.


2x 370W high performance solar module monocrystalline (CE) quality module from AEG 176x104x3,5cm
Upon request, test report showing the measured power of the solar modules.
1x 280Ah (C100) solar battery maintenance-free closed for up to 84 hours of television (IEC / EN)
2000W quality voltage transformer including two 220V sockets (CE / RoHS / ISO9001: 2000)
Two 220V / 230V sockets for the operation of devices up to 2000W and up to 4000W inrush currents (20ms) (Please note: The operating time depends on the battery / solar panel power) Alternatively also other power classes available
Charge controller 60A incl. LCD display and extensive adjustment options (CE / ISO9001)
Solar connection cable 2x 10m incl. Pluggable MC4 plugs TÜV ground-ready and weather-resistant
Battery connection cable with professionally assembled integrated fuse
2x battery pole protection covers for your safety
2x solar diodes
1x Ysteckerpaar
1x carrying box in which all components can be wired
operating manual
Fully ready for connection! Plug and Play.
Expandable by additional solar module or solar battery.
Including easy-to-understand connection instructions!

solar module

Power: 370W (2x 370W)
Module type: monocrystalline
Certificates: TÜV / CE / ISO
Junction box: Weatherproof IP65
robust, reinforced aluminum frame
Rated current Impp: 7.58A
Rated voltage: Umpp: 30.36V
Short-circuit current: Isc: 8.11A
Open circuit voltage Uoc: 36.42V
Weight: 18.6kg
Dimensions: 176 x 104 x 3,5cm
Temperature range: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
weatherproof safety glass hardened / protection against hail, snow, ice

DC converter

Power: 2000W and 4000W starting currents (20ms)
Certificates: CE / RoHS / ISO9001: 2000
Connection: 2x 220V / 230V Schuko sockets
1x USB port
Output voltage: 230V (50Hz)
Input voltage: 12V
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 345 x 231 x 108 mm
Temperature range: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
Cooling: active cooling by 2 fans
Efficiency: typically approx. 92%
Type. Self-consumption when switched on without load: 4W (0.3A)
Average self-consumption in the off state 0 watts
modified tension
Automatic shutdown in case of overload or short circuit
Reverse polarity protection for battery (fuse triggers)
Sturdy housing made of aluminum and molded sheet

solar battery

Capacity: 280Ah
Certificates: IEC / EN
Voltage: 12V
Cold test current (EN): 680A
Weight: about 50 kg
Dimensions: 51.7 cm x 27.2 cm x H: 23.8 cm
Temp. Range: - 42 ° C to 60 ° C
Labyrinth lid prevents electrolyte loss!
Very deep cycle battery
High performance due to stretched grid plates
Calcium technology
Long service life even with frequent charge / discharge cycles
SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) absolutely maintenance-free
Very robust and shakeproof

charge controller

Electricity: 60A
Certificates: CE / ISO
Power: up to 600W (at 24V 1200W)
Voltage: 12V or 24V
Display: LCD display
Nominal voltage of the solar module up to 50V
Adjustable voltages
Adjustable battery type
On / off button for 12V consumers
Capacity display of the battery based on bars
Temperature indicator integrated Sensor attachable - with included!
Adjustable time of the consumer - when the consumer switches on and off independently
Dimensions: 130 x 188 x 52 mm
Self-consumption: <10 mA


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Intelligent professional battery charger 12V Intelligent professional battery charger 12V
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