Solar case 100W foldable monocrystalline 2x 50W

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Solar case 100W foldable monocrystalline

Your mobile power plant - use solar energy everywhere and at any time!

With the Solarkoffer you will not miss a sunbeam. With its size and ease of use, it is flexible and individually applicable. Ideal for the supply of small consumers such as light, radios, pumps, fans, laptops etc. on holiday during camping, boating or hiking. Your battery is always charged with the sun. Through the built-in USB connection, mobile phones or similar devices can be charged with solar current.

Simply install in a suitable place, at the same time charge a battery (via the built-in charger LS1024 EU, 10A) and connect consumers.


As an ideal location you are looking for an accessible, sunny place, free from hanging branches and obstacles
Remove the solar panel set from the softcase
Open the two latches on the side and fold the panels apart
Extend the two supports to the maximum length and lock them with the existing screw connection
Place the solar panel set toward the sun
Connect the plug-in connection between the solar charger and the battery cable, taking care that the battery terminals do not come into contact
Connect the battery terminals + positive (color red) and - negative (color black) to the correct poles of your battery
Make sure that the terminals are secure and secure.
USB connection for micro-consumer or mobile phone

Note: In order to obtain maximum performance, it is recommended to adjust the orientation towards the sun throughout the day.

Typ Größe Gewicht Nominal
Modul mm kg W V A V A
2 x50 W 505x690x60 15 100 18 5.55 21.6 5.99
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