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3000W Hybrid Solaranlage 3kW Solax Lithium-Akku 5,8kWh Hausnetz one phase

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3250W hybrid solar system Solar4000-HN1Li58
For self-consumption optimization including 5.12kWh storage and feeding the surplus.
Total power / nominal power up to 4125 watt peak!

The solar system offered here is a hybrid system which, in addition to the storage function, can feed excess electricity into the public grid. It is possible to operate this solar system with and without storage.
The lithium storage can be expanded by simply connecting additional battery storage modules in parallel.

Scope of delivery:

- 15x solar modules 275 watt quality module from Luxor Solar Stuttgart / Astroenergy / AEG (depending on customer requirements and availability) 165x99x3.5cm

- 1x Kostal Plenticore 4.2 hybrid inverter
- 4x BYD B-Plus-H battery module (5.12kWh)
- 1x BYD battery control unit
- 1x Kostal Smart Energy Meter
- 1x communication cable 4 x 2 x 0.34mm² 2M to connect the memory

- 2x 15m 6mm² solar cable including assembled MC4 connector
- 6x 2m 4mm² solar cable including assembled MC4 connector

- Manual
- wiring diagram

You will receive an invoice including VAT.

- If selected, mounting material for the roof type


The hybrid inverter charges the connected lithium batteries as standard and feeds excess electricity into the connected single-phase grid or the public grid if required. The current of the solar modules is primarily used.

As soon as the sun is no longer available, the energy consumption is switched to the lithium batteries. If the lithium batteries are discharged or no solar energy is available, the inverter automatically switches to mains power or a possible connected generator.

The mains current flows in both directions. Both in the public and in your own home network.

Optimized own use of solar power

Typical daily course of energy generation and consumption in a household with a photovoltaic system without energy storage:

The photovoltaic system does not generate electricity at night, which is why the energy required is drawn from the public grid (a).
Excess energy (c) is lost during the day because not all of the electricity is consumed (b).

Typical daily course of a household with PV system and energy storage:

During the day, the excess energy is used to charge the battery storage (c). At night, a large part of the necessary energy is obtained from the energy storage (d).

The PV energy yield (b) + (d) is now much higher while the share (a) bought from the grid is much lower. Depending on the design of the batteries, the energy loss can drop to negligible values

Solar module:

Depending on customer requirements and availability, the following module manufacturers are available: Luxor Solar Stuttgart, Astroenergy, AEG

Exemplary technical properties of Luxor Solar Stuttgart Eco Line 275W Poly


- Powerful
  Power increase from 0 - 6.49 Wp above the nominal power

- For sure
  Particularly high-quality, long-lasting plug connection for optimal current contact with everyone
  Weather (at least IP65)
  PID resistant (PI-Berlin)

- Efficient
  Cells: efficiency over 20.6%
  Modules: efficiency over 17.2%
  Toughened solar glass: low-reflection and optimized in composition for maximum
  Light transmission

- Weatherproof
  Maximum pressure load (static) 5400 Pa
  Hail test (max. Hail): ∅45mm, impact speed 23 m / s, 83 km / h

- Certified
  Tested by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with IEC 61215 and IEC61730, CE, salt spray test,
  Ammonia test, fire protection test

Luxor Solar Stuttgart Eco Line 275W Poly
Nominal power at (Pmpp) 275 Wp
Nominal voltage at (Umpp) 31.42 V
Nominal current (lmpp) 8.77 A.
Open circuit voltage (Uoc) 38.58 V
Short circuit current (Isc) 9.27 V
Module efficiency 17.25%
Temperature coefficient (Pmpp) -0.41% / ° C
Temperature coefficient (Isc) + 0.05% / ° C
Temperature coefficient (Voc) - 0.30% / ° C
Diodes 3 Schottky diodes 15A / 45V
Plastic junction box (PPO), ventilated and strain-relieved, at least IP65
Frame material stable, anodized aluminum frame in hollow chamber construction
Glass front 3.2mm tempered solar glass with low iron content
Cable 4mm² solar cable, cable length 100 cm
Hail test (max. Hailstorm) ∅ 45mm I impact speed 23 m / s, 83km / h
Number of cells (matrix) 6 x 10, three strings in series I 156mm x 156mm
Plug connection high-quality plug system, (IP67) MC4 or equivalent
Module dimensions (L x W x H) 1650 x 992 x 35 mm
Module weight 18.5 kg

Roof mount:

The SolidRail / MultiRail mounting system for photovoltaic systems is suitable for almost all covers. These include pan, beaver tail, slate, trapezoidal sheet, corrugated fiber cement, corrugated sheet and also sheet seam coverings.

    Extensive range of mounting rails, for a wide variety of load cases
    Robust and statically proven
    High flexibility for many different

Additional product information

Roof without roof mount

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