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825W hybrid solar system 0,825W incl 1x Storage for connection to your own home network single-phase

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825W Hybrid Solar System Solar825-HY1Li1
To store the energy in the batteries
Total power / rated power up to 825 watts peak!


- 3 Solar modules 275 Watt Luxor Solar Stuttgart / Astroenergy /AEG (ca. 164x99x3,5cm)

- 1 x Effekta AX-M 4000-48

- 1x Pylontech US2000 Lithium 48V 2400Wh
- 1x Mounting system for Pylontech US2000

- 1x Wifi Box

- 2 x 15m 10mm² solar cable including pre-assembled MC4 plug

- Battery connection cable ( solarinverter to battery pack )

- Manual

- Optional: Roof Mounting system 

By default, the hybrid inverter charges the connected batteries and, if necessary, feeds excess power into the connected single-phase network. The primary use is the power of the solar modules. As soon as there is no more sun, the energy is transferred to the batteries. If the batteries are discharged or no solar energy available, the inverter automatically switches to mains power or a possible connected generator.

The mains current flows only in one direction. It is therefore never fed electricity into the public network, but stored and consumed by the user himself.

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Roof without roof mount

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