1100W solar system for feeding into your own home network single-phase

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1100W solar system
For feeding into your existing power grid
Total power / rated power up to 1100Watt peak!


- 4 solar modules 300 Watt Suntech
(about 168x100x3,5cm)

- Integrated safety DC circuit breaker for your safety

- 1 x single-phase Solax inverter 1kW incl. ENS VDE-AR-N 4105

- 1 x USB stick for a WLAN interface (to read out the solar yield data via the PC)

- 2 x 15m high performance solar cable 4mm² incl. Pre-assembled MC4 connectors (optionally other lengths)
The legally required isolation device ENS VDE-AR-N 4105 is integrated in the inverter.
(legally required automatic switch-off)

Except for a performance insurance
no further monitoring or shutdown devices required.

The principle of house-grid feed-in:

The basic function is the conversion of the electricity generated by the solar module and the feed into your existing home network to reduce the electricity costs.

If the power supply is interrupted, the inverter automatically shuts off.

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