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Mounting solar module 5W - 100W infinitely adjustable ModultragAufr mounting roof attachment

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

Product description
Solar module carrier for solar modules from 5 - 100W

infinitely adjustable black

Can be used for a large number of solar modules with power classes between 5W and 110W.

This solar module extension consists of two flexibly adjustable brackets, which are attached to a solar module.

This mount is characterized by maximum durability, durability and corrosion resistance in any environment.

All components necessary for the assembly are included in the delivery.

The maximum hole spacing in the width of the solar module is 51.4cm.


Elevation (2x carrier)
Screws, nuts, washers
Invoice incl. VAT

Technical specifications:
Solar module carrier

maximum hole distance of the solar module: 514mm
minimum hole spacing of the solar module: 176mm
Weight: 1.00 kg
Slope angle at ground level: 10 ° - 45 °
Tilt angle on the wall: 45 ° - 80 °
Ambient temperature: -40 ° - + 85 °

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